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nothing is moving

held upright, cradled
by great slabs of air like the walls
of an aquarium

a clear cold spring that
arises from the core seeing
equally through eyes

on the back as well
as the front of the head
the code has finally been

cracked rather there
never really was a code
a scaffolding full

of birds singing
like a house afire or an
empty firehouse full

of smoke actually
nothing is moving more like
something bright and

slippery sloshing
up against the boundaries
of the everyday

like seeing through
innumerable eyes
actually no thing



don’t know

i have no idea. i
haven’t a clue what to make

of things. haven’t the
foggiest. i am unclear

on the nature and
disposition of the

boundaries. it’s a
complete mystery. i

barely knew him. truth
to tell, i barely recognize

even my own hand.
i have no idea how

it happened. never knew
what hit me. i’m drawing

a blank here. lately
the order and duration

of events completely
elude me and the

messages i’m receiving
utterly defy translation.